25 April 2017

Please vote for me as NEA Social Justice Activist of the Year

I know this here blog always runs the fine line of bein' mostly about my art & then some politix & personal stuff creeps in, but this is too important not to throw down~

I have received the extraordinary honor
of being named a finalist for the

Please vote!
This is a national distinction & I am named one of seven finalists for this privilege.
If so inclined, please go here to learn more~

& then vote here por favor~

¡Muchas gracias!

07 April 2017

Deep cuts- rarities, outtakes & b-sides

Few weeks back, I shared the A-Sides, a collection of my "top five" works past & present (to inspire the future). Now, as promised (&/or threatened), here I throw down the flipsides to those trax: the lesser-known but sometimes funkier b-sides. 
Most of these cuts are vinyl only...
First up is a really deep cut, way back from my college daze when I did a different weekly strip in all three of the newspapers @ Rutgers. In the alternative paper, "The Medium", I drew my fave, "Fallin' Asleep", a collection of self-important navel-gazin' that one can only get away with in college. Some of 'em actually hold up tho', like this piece right here:
big bad wolf
Next track is a funky one indeed. Done fer a comic book website contest I didn't win, I still dig it the most- a mash-up of Marvel & DC; a team-up in an alternate universe's Harlem, wherein two of the comix biggest contributions to the Blaxploitation era do their thang outside the Apollo with electrifyin' results indeed:
Showtime @ the Apollo
Here is a detail from a piece titled "Great Minds Think Alike", another work of charity to support a cause with which my lovely bride was involved: It was an animal rights group that was trying to stop the inhumane & even more sadly unnecessary deer culling in Princeton. The sexiest lawyer ever represented them pro-bono as legal counsel & I contributed this to raise money for their efforts. You can peep the full piece here, but here's that detail I promised lo so many words ago:
Honest Abe indeed

Here's la familia Seda-Schreiber hangin' on "Sesame Street" back in the day:
Won't u tell how to to get, how to get to...
& then my quick sketch in tribute to Mr. Jim Henson upon his passing from felt to dirt:
Still miss u, my wonderful friend...

My lovely bride asked me to include two mas:
First up, this seasonal missive from the year we found out she was with child (hopefully mine, but the blonde hair & blue eyes did indeed make it somewhat suspicious- callin' Maury Povich!). I've laid down holiday ink for the past 30 some odd years & this is not particularly a fave of mine honestly altho' I appreciate the sentiment & I think the drawing expresses it nicely. I do like the stork's Rudolph nose & oh-so-feathery-feathers but I don't think our as-of-then-yet-to-be-born son looks so safe being upside-down & all (& even moreso he looks kinda' larva-esque rather than simply bundled up...)
If I knew then, I would've asked fer the receipt!
& my best girl really digs this piece, Moose & Goose (a romance), & the story goes a lil' somethin' like this:
So I am quite often asked, both virtually & corporeally, to draw something for someone. Usually I politely demur, citing my current penchant for donating my art to charity or supporting political causes, but the chef in my school's cafeteria came to me in such a sweet & earnest manner, I could not resist slinging some ink his way. He told me a tale of his first anniversary with his lovely bride & how they call each other "moose & goose" & this just tumbled outta' me...

Is this legal?

& of course, no post is complete without a lil' Vonnegut...

nuff said.
they've come to take me away, ha-ha...

27 March 2017

The A-Sides

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, 
Without a strong rhyme to step to..."

So ends the summer of my discontent. 
It's been a rough while indeed, life had its ugly way with me & without goin' into unnecessary (& unpleasant) detail, let's leave it at that & get to the good stuff. 
I have felt not like myself for a hot minute & now I feel finally reinvigorated, rejuvenated & indeed re-inspired (sic?). In light of that, I have decided to kickstart my ass back into the proverbial artistic saddle by postin' my "top five" (with thanks & apologies to Mr. Nick Hornby) favorite pieces I've done thru the years; to clean out the virtual closet as it were to hopefully make room for some new stuff which I will hit y'all up with as soon as the inspiration flows from my inky fingers.
So without further ado & just a bit o' context, 
here are some works past & present to inspire the future...

We begin our archival journey in November 2008, Obama won his first term & my lovely bride danced in Brooklyn to celebrate. "Baby Got Hope" was featured in the wonderful book, "Design For Obama", & is pretty much the impetus for this here website~

Spike Lee likes this one very much indeed!

Piece 2 (Woo-hoo!), really goin' far in the WayBack Machine, but Satchmo needs no introduction...

Louis makes me smile.

A bridge too far:

We have the Brooklyn Bridge in nuestro baño!

Kevin needs some context methinks: Part of a much larger installation called "Positivity", a collection of quotes I culled from folks who were HIV positive to allow for hope in a time of seeming hopelessness-

Would that we all had the ruby reds...

& we end the greatest hits (& misses) with the mackdaddy his own self, "Obama Said Knock You Out": quite a viral sensation, Tweeted out by none other than LL Cool J on election nite & becoming one of the biggest retweets of the evening (what the kids would call "viral"?) as well as in physical poster form traversing its way from New York to Cali & from Mexico to Japan & many points in between... 
Probably my real fave of all, not just 'cause of the hype (don't believe it, man!), but I feel it is truly the most successful piece I've done, artistically, technically, philosophically, politically, & spiritually~

Pure GOAT!

Next episode: 
Deep Cuts: the B-Sides, Rarites & Outtakes, 
then on to the new grooves!

21 March 2017


Can't believe I never posted this, but it's been ten years since I had the extraordinary honor of being named a Fulbright Scholar & traveling to Japan as a guest of the Japanese government. To share my experiences I created a series of paintings collectively titled "Windows on Japan". 
You can クリック to see the whole series, but here is a small sampling~ 

Samurai Firemen

Neon Wonderland (Tokyo by nite)

Asakusa Kannon (Buddha)


Window on Japan 1
kids are kids

14 February 2017

Valentine's Day throwback for y'all...

Okay, kids, although I am now oh-so-happily married to an incredibly beautiful woman (hey, babygirl!), I was once a miserable lonely bastard who hated Valentine's Day with a passion. I still refuse to celebrate it as it is indeed a corporate maunfactured buncha' malarkey (still love u, crazygirl!), but now at least I'm not a grumpy assh*le all day. But for those of you who still are (& I support you wholeheartedly!), here's your very righteous justification, straight from my 20-some-odd-years-ago collegiate misanthropic self...
The True History of Valentine's Day by Robt Seda-Schreiber
click to embiggen...

28 January 2017

25 December 2016

Merry Princemas, everyone...

& to all a funky nite.
Oh, & by the way, not to be frontin', that is not our tree. 
We actually forewent a tree this year & I did this instead fer my lovely bride:

19 December 2016

Vonnegut Kindness for the Holidaze...

It's not a snowflake...
Please feel free to save, send, print, & otherwise share in any way you'd like in the spirit of the season as it were...
You can peep even more holiday frivolity of season's past by clickin' here 

13 November 2016

Kenneth Cole sez I'm a Courageous Cat!

Well, this was an unexpected surprise & indeed a delightful way to start my weekend~

Kenneth Cole, beautiful clothing designer & more importantly, strong social activist, just celebrated a few folks whom he thought were making important & special contributions to the field of education in his COURAGEOUS CLASS SPOTLIGHT.

 Proud to say I was one of those he chose to honor
in this extraordinary campaign.
Courageous Cat indeed!

Please do not feel obliged but if so inclined...

The original Courageous Cat

12 November 2016

Double-shot to go low & then go high...

We have lots of work to do.
Here's two tunes to start us off-
one for wallowin'; the next to pick up, dust off & 
move it forward...

Nina has "Trouble in Mind" (as we all do right about now...)

Lizzo then sez "Walk yer fine ass out the door!" (or as my lovely bride thinks, "Walk yer fat ass..." which I think is delightful indeed.)

Nina is troubled.Lizzo Feels Good.

Hope these at least help you get through the day...

20 September 2016

Brian Ferry, singer of songs & checker of scarfs.

A gift for the fair Kate upon the occasion of her 50th.

Brian Ferry, singer of songs & checker of scarfs.
Quick story~
Brian Ferry, of Roxy Music fame & the man to whose voice many of us of a certain age lost our virginity, walked into the SFMoMA wherein Kate works & wanted to check his scarf.
I commemorated this momentous event in inky grandeur for my dear & wonderful friend.

04 April 2016

I once was blind, but now...

Colorblindness is really a misnomer; it is more akin to color-confused. Whereas your spectrum is quite vast & includes a veritable plethora of color, those of us who are genetically-deficient have a much smaller range & therefore colors get smashed up together, confused with others, & many unseen at all. 
I am colorblind, one of the most severe degrees of such. It is bothersome at times, disappointing at others, but as with any handicap (& I even hesitate to use that word as comparatively it is a non-issue), one learns to adjust & compensate for such. I also like the fact that I “inherited” from my Poppy, my mom’s dad, who left much too early in my life & sharing this genetic trait is at least something by which I can feel closer to him.
But being colorblind does affect me every day- the loss of a beautiful sunset, inability to decipher a traffic lite, seeing lots of green skin on folks I know are not Martians… unsure if I’m wearin’ a pink shirt. Being an artist (albeit one who predominantly works in black & white), an art teacher & just a lover of looking & seeing & really absorbing this wonderfully vibrant world around us makes it even more distressing at times.
This wonderful company EnChroma has changed all that with their incredible &, I dare say, inspiring sunglasses that promise “color for the colorblind”, & y’know what, they actually deliver on said promise in a big way.

Just back from Méjico where I sported these EnChroma Commander CX-14 sunglasses that profess (& do indeed deliver on that promise!) to allow the colorblind to see color. 
These are amazing, wonderful, & truly awe-inspiring & you can see my reaction to wearing them in the video...
(Lo siento for wind noise- tried to fix to no avail. 
Keep watching, it does improve later in video.)

& as an extry bonus, here is some comix I doodled way-back in college about bein’ colorblind… 
the greenest hair