29 April 2009

la chute de spider-man

Here's some real fine use of the ol' tubes right here from a French comix guy, raphael B.

Wonderful in so many ways~
Funky interpretation of Spidey, cute & funny storytelling, & very cool use of scrollin', to give this piece a real sense of heightened something-or-other, & making the reader feel a part of the action, like an Internet flipbook or some such .
Read on, playa'...

28 April 2009

100 Days

Let's celebrate, shall we~

Click on the pic & enjoy a 30 minute mix of celebratory funkalicious-ness.
To make a good day even better, a little hip-hop happiness for dessert:
"Good Day (obama remix-style)" - Nappy Roots

24 April 2009

hey, you kids, get off my lawn!

Spider-Man made a deal with the devil that erased his marriage to Mary Jane (okay, kids, dealing with the devil is much less of a moral compromise than divorce); Batman's painting in a cave in Lascaux; loner Wolverine is literally on every superhero team in the Marvel Universe ('tis true~ Avengers! X-Men! X-Force! even Fantastic Four (or the future "Fantastic Force" or some such)! Power Pack!) & the original mutant of mystery now has an "origin" more storied & convoluted than the creation of the internet it-own-self; there's a red & green Hulk (don't even ask!); & how the heck does Aquaman make his waycool water-balls with a hook-hand?!

Give me this any day:

'Nuff said.

23 April 2009

Mash-ups & gravy (vegan, natch!)

For those of you who just realized what that icon was on your desktop & found the Internet just this very moment: A mash-up (or boot or blend) is the music produced when one puts the vocal track from one song atop the instrumental from another. That's rather simplified as there are many more types of mash-ups with many more types of "mashing-up" as it were, but you just found the Internet, so let's keep it simple, shall we?
Mash-ups have been around since, well, since the recording of music itself really... Back in the day, vinyl was pressed with the vocal stripped away leaving just the instrumental track so aspiring singers could groove along on their Victrolas. The "mash-up" as an actual art-form would start to evolve with the advent of hip-hop as rappers would freestyle over various tracks & then dj's took it to a whole 'nother level.
More than a few years back, the Internet her-own-self erupted with all the media latching on to the mash-up being the "new big thang". Now, things have died down, but mash-ups are still being made by many talented (& not-so-talented) folk. Some of my favorite new tracks are indeed mash-ups. When done well, a mash-up brings a whole new context to a beloved song, or can bring a heretofore unrealized aspect to a much hated one. When done not-so-well, they really suck. Most mash-ups regrettably fall into the second category. It actually takes a very talented individual to master the science & wonder of a good mash-up.
To assess & appreciate this process, let us take a master class in the art of the mash-up as some of the best purveyors of the genre all take on the same song:

Extra credit: team 9 hits it outta' the proverbial park with a different Stripes song head-to-head with N*E*R*D~
"She Wants To Twist"

Class dismissed.

22 April 2009

& so it begins...

I have resisted (with a vengeance!) disseminating my thoughts, words, images & assorted other ephemera out into this here blogosphere for many a moon, but an opportunity has arisen that I cannot deny.
It seems, for some foolhardy reason I cannot discern, some of my artwork is going to published in a real-live book, & in this book, I will have the chance to promote a website that good folks can visit to see even more of my ramblings & shenanigans should they so wish.
So I figgered I'd better start one up...
(& herein lies the resulting madness)

Last year in support of President Obama (still love writing that!) I created two artworks that were part of the DesignForObama website. I am very proud & indeed honored to report that both of those pieces are going to be featured in a book about the site that is going to be published in the fall to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our wonderful victory.
It gets better: The book is going to be edited by the site's creator, Aaron Perry-Zucker, & Mr. Spike Lee (yes, that Spike Lee~ Fight The Power, baby!) & published by Taschen Books (ooh, fancy!).

So, for my first-ever post, here are the two pieces that will soon make me world famous, or at least seen by the moms & dads of the other folks who are in the book with me:

"Man of Hope"

"Baby Got Hope"

More inanity to come...