18 December 2012

Four more years of good cheer...

For the past twenty-five some odd years (& some have been very odd indeed!), I have created holiday cards for friends & family to celebrate the season. Although I waiver between atheism & agnosticism, my belief in this most wonderful time of the year & the spirit of giving & sharing therein has never been stronger.
My holiday scribblings started with a skankin' Santa, rockin' to the holiday groove (replete with "Fishbone" tattoo), & have continued unabated up until this year's oh-so-topical (albeit a lil' late) snapshot of Mr. Claus doing his civic duty in the voting booth.
Please feel free to save, send, print, & otherwise share in any way you'd like in the spirit of the season as it were...
Santa said knock you out
Previous cards have ranged from personal to political to downright ridiculous (I will spare you "Zombie Claus"!), & after the jump, I will share with you some of my favorites (complete with whatever necessary context) starting with last year's ink-stained holiday greeting.

07 December 2012

"Obama Said Knock You Out" for all of your holiday gift-giving needs...

Hey kids-
A month after the election, & less than a month 'til the holidaze, I am delighted to offer the design that became a world-wide sensation, "Obama Said Knock You Out", on a veritable plethora of products for purchase via CafePress.
Check out the over one hunnert styles of waycool stuff, ranging from t-shirts to water bottles, snuggies to gym bags, doggy shirts to onezies, & of course, my favorite, a thong...
& in the holiday spirit, all my profits from these sales will go to benefit the Ali Forney Center,
so get a few for yerself & friends & family as well.
Check 'em all out for cool stuff & good karma. Enjoy:

 Please go & see the rest of the goodies @ CafePress.
Wear & display my waycool design all over your body & all 'round your house & support the Ali Forney Center whilst doing so.
Happy holidaze, kids!

06 December 2012

Some days are better than others...

We started a Gay Straight Alliance @ the school where I teach (& also where I went as a student as well!), one of the few GSA's at a middle school, & we were just recognized by GLSEN for doing so.
I look goofy when I'm proud.
I'm very proud of the brave kids who are involved & so thrilled to work in a school that supports them in this extraordinary venture.
Check 'em out here~