31 July 2009

had to be there

My lovely bride & I were just checking in to our hotel, stopping on the way to Cape Cod, & the news had literally just broken. Everybody in the place- young, old, black, white, brown, whatever- gathered around. Whatever his oddities, his peccadillos or indeed his larger sins, his quirks & his faults, he touched us all.
Pure & simple.
I owned "Got To Be There" on vinyl when I was a kid & the needle hardly ever left it.
I was not a huge fan of some of his later stuff, or certainly of his later antics, but his genius cannot, & will not, be denied.
He lived the ultimate irony~
He was a boy who never grew up yet who also never had a childhood.
A sad, sad life lived & ended too soon, but before it did, he left us with so, so much good music.
I hope the tunes outlast the punch-lines.
I know all the songs have been posted everywhere else & I'm oh-so-very-late to the party, so here are some somewhat rare or less mainstream remixes & mash-ups that hopefully will bring a smile to your face & a beat to your feet...

30 July 2009

because it's that fuckin' awesome.

& the question is:
Why do i own four copies in four different formats of
"Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?"

28 July 2009

out of sight

Steven Soderberg's "Out Of Sight" is perhaps my favorite movie. It is simply a perfect film. The imagery, the performances, the music, the mood, all the oh-so-talented folk involved. If you have not had the pleasure, watch this flick; If you have seen it, watch it again.
What with Soderberg's incredible palette & truly genius manner of putting it all together, as well as taking it all apart; the smarter-than-it-should-be script that easily surpasses its source material; the cast who create & inhabit some pretty (& boy, is my boyfriend George Clooney pretty!) funky characters (Don Cheadle, Ving Rhames, Steve Zahn, Luis Guzman, Albert Brooks, Dennis Farina, even Jennifer Lopez works it, & a few great cameos to round out the fun) & the wonderful nouveau-retro score by David Holmes~
This move is an under-appreciated gem indeed!
You'll laugh, you'll cry... you will thank me for the referral.
& here's a funky taste of David Holmes' nouveau retro score to whet yer whistle~

27 July 2009

ch-chemo it out

So last week the fresh & funky Adam Yauch broke the news that he had just a lil' bit o cancer. Seems he will beat it but the Beasties have to cancel their live groovin' for a bit & the album's gonna' drop a lil' later as well... not to mention the shit MCA must be going thru.
My agnostic prayers are with u, my brother.

& here's a lil' taste of the new album & all the funky-ass goodness to come

25 July 2009

raison d'être

I staked this lil' piece of Internet real estate on the foundation of this book, "Design For Obama", which is due out in the fall from Taschen. When two of my pieces were selected to be published in this wonderful tome, I decided to make use of the opportunity to disseminate my wild & wooly ideas about the world & all its magick (or lack thereof) as well as every now & then showcase a lil' doodle I made.
You can read my very first post here for the full story & see the pieces that are to be included.
Now my Israeli friend Shahar gave me the skinny that they have unveiled the cover (see above) & a publication date (October).
It's even being pre-sold on Amazon.

23 July 2009

lo siento

Okay, when I said the weekend, I meant the whole month...
Hey, she really is that beautiful.
Simply enough, I'm sorry.
I've been a bad blogger...