25 November 2012

The Walking Dead Emaciation Proclamation

Zombies, undead & somewhat stinky tho' they may be, deserve the same rights as the rest of us...
Zombie Power!
If yer on Twitter, please reweet, favorite & do whatever Tweeting magic you want to this tweet by my lovely bride.
Do that for this lonely lil' blogger & I will love you lots.

07 November 2012

The funky icing on the cake...

"Obama Said Knock You Out" was tweeted last nite
by none other than the man himself, LL Cool J
LL Cool J tweets yours truly
Now that is very very cool indeed...
I am oh-so-happy.
Now if only I knew how to tweet myself.
Mebbe some helpful reader could tweet a reply & throw up the name of this here blog so kids could find their way here from there?

06 November 2012

Baby Got Hope (for four more years)...

time to dance once again...
¡mi esposa es muy hermosa!
Congratulations, Mr. President!
So proud of you & so proud of our country...

Obama Said Knock You Out

Obama meets Ali 
with a little LL Cool J thrown in for good measure... 
This is free for all y'all to download, print, & disseminate.
Now I’d like to ask a favor of you, my dear readers.
I’d like to make this a bigger art project & I need your participation, both for me & our President.
If you would please consider printing this piece  & sticking it somewhere in your town or nearby cool place, snapping a pic then emailing me a copy, that would be utterly delightful. I’d like to post 'em up here.
I, of course, will link to your blog, website or other stuff when I do should you so desire.
Everywhere from Chicago to Cali to Provincetown to DC to Mexico to Japan & all points inbetween, you know who you are & where you are.
Email it to friends around the globe & ask them the same.
I’d love to make this a worldwide jam!
Go forth & spread the gospel~ 
Put it on every street corner & lamp-post, every bulletin board & kiosk, every juke-joint & house of ill-repute, every cafe, campus & construction site, every church, synagogue, mosque, & Bahá’í Center, every library & schoolyard, every domino table & methadone clinic, every nook & cranny you can find…
or  just stick it in your office. 
But take a pic & send it to me!
Remember there's no knockout in this bout, it goes the full 12 rounds. The judges' decision is final on 6 November, so get out & vote, my friends.

02 November 2012

"Obama Said Knock You Out" in the wild pt. 40 (Obama's got the rural vote)

Tio Joel loves him some pumpkins!

Please do send in any pix of the piece that you find in the wild, or better yet- please, please do put some up & send me the photos. I will post any & all that I receive.
Let's make this a worldwide jam!
I, & your President, thank you for your service...