01 July 2017

Social Justice Activist of the Year, baby!

Dear wonderful friends & familia-

It is with great honor & respect & even some humility that I share with you that I have been named the NEA's 2017

Words cannot begin to express the pride & the inspiration I feel from receiving this extraordinary distinction (& as most of you know, I am rarely at a loss for words; usually I have a veritable plethora & then some!).
Robt Seda-Schreiber, Social Justice of the Year!
That this group of teachers, students & union members believe in me & in the things that I do; that so many people across the country voted to bestow upon me this such very prestigious award; that so many folks, so many of you- my friends, my family, my colleagues, my union, absolute strangers- believe in me & what I have accomplished (& furthermore, what I can continue to achieve!) is staggering to me. Truly.
But I fully realize that this is not only a validation & a benediction of what I have done but indeed a call to arms for what I will do.
I promise to move this forward with the love, respect & strength of character it deserves & demands.
Heart & mind both full yet wide open, eyes clear, & as always my friends, boots on the ground...

Me & my lovely bride @ the end of a long campaign...If so inclined you can read more @ this
(including my remarks given at the NEA Conference on Racial & Social Justice).

25 April 2017

Please vote for me as NEA Social Justice Activist of the Year

Voting is indeed now over. 
Watch this space for announcement of results...

I have received the extraordinary honor
of being named a finalist for the

Please vote!
This is a national distinction & I am named one of seven finalists for this privilege.
If so inclined, please go here to learn more~

& then vote here por favor~

¡Muchas gracias!

07 April 2017

Deep cuts- rarities, outtakes & b-sides

Few weeks back, I shared the A-Sides, a collection of my "top five" works past & present (to inspire the future). Now, as promised (&/or threatened), here I throw down the flipsides to those trax: the lesser-known but sometimes funkier b-sides. 
Most of these cuts are vinyl only...
First up is a really deep cut, way back from my college daze when I did a different weekly strip in all three of the newspapers @ Rutgers. In the alternative paper, "The Medium", I drew my fave, "Fallin' Asleep", a collection of self-important navel-gazin' that one can only get away with in college. Some of 'em actually hold up tho', like this piece right here:
big bad wolf
Next track is a funky one indeed. Done fer a comic book website contest I didn't win, I still dig it the most- a mash-up of Marvel & DC; a team-up in an alternate universe's Harlem, wherein two of the comix biggest contributions to the Blaxploitation era do their thang outside the Apollo with electrifyin' results indeed:
Showtime @ the Apollo
Here is a detail from a piece titled "Great Minds Think Alike", another work of charity to support a cause with which my lovely bride was involved: It was an animal rights group that was trying to stop the inhumane & even more sadly unnecessary deer culling in Princeton. The sexiest lawyer ever represented them pro-bono as legal counsel & I contributed this to raise money for their efforts. You can peep the full piece here, but here's that detail I promised lo so many words ago:
Honest Abe indeed

Here's la familia Seda-Schreiber hangin' on "Sesame Street" back in the day:
Won't u tell how to to get, how to get to...
& then my quick sketch in tribute to Mr. Jim Henson upon his passing from felt to dirt:
Still miss u, my wonderful friend...

My lovely bride asked me to include two mas:
First up, this seasonal missive from the year we found out she was with child (hopefully mine, but the blonde hair & blue eyes did indeed make it somewhat suspicious- callin' Maury Povich!). I've laid down holiday ink for the past 30 some odd years & this is not particularly a fave of mine honestly altho' I appreciate the sentiment & I think the drawing expresses it nicely. I do like the stork's Rudolph nose & oh-so-feathery-feathers but I don't think our as-of-then-yet-to-be-born son looks so safe being upside-down & all (& even moreso he looks kinda' larva-esque rather than simply bundled up...)
If I knew then, I would've asked fer the receipt!
& my best girl really digs this piece, Moose & Goose (a romance), & the story goes a lil' somethin' like this:
So I am quite often asked, both virtually & corporeally, to draw something for someone. Usually I politely demur, citing my current penchant for donating my art to charity or supporting political causes, but the chef in my school's cafeteria came to me in such a sweet & earnest manner, I could not resist slinging some ink his way. He told me a tale of his first anniversary with his lovely bride & how they call each other "moose & goose" & this just tumbled outta' me...

Is this legal?

& of course, no post is complete without a lil' Vonnegut...

nuff said.
they've come to take me away, ha-ha...

27 March 2017

The A-Sides

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, 
Without a strong rhyme to step to..."

So ends the summer of my discontent. 
It's been a rough while indeed, life had its ugly way with me & without goin' into unnecessary (& unpleasant) detail, let's leave it at that & get to the good stuff. 
I have felt not like myself for a hot minute & now I feel finally reinvigorated, rejuvenated & indeed re-inspired (sic?). In light of that, I have decided to kickstart my ass back into the proverbial artistic saddle by postin' my "top five" (with thanks & apologies to Mr. Nick Hornby) favorite pieces I've done thru the years; to clean out the virtual closet as it were to hopefully make room for some new stuff which I will hit y'all up with as soon as the inspiration flows from my inky fingers.
So without further ado & just a bit o' context, 
here are some works past & present to inspire the future...

We begin our archival journey in November 2008, Obama won his first term & my lovely bride danced in Brooklyn to celebrate. "Baby Got Hope" was featured in the wonderful book, "Design For Obama", & is pretty much the impetus for this here website~

Spike Lee likes this one very much indeed!

Piece 2 (Woo-hoo!), really goin' far in the WayBack Machine, but Satchmo needs no introduction...

Louis makes me smile.

A bridge too far:

We have the Brooklyn Bridge in nuestro baño!

Kevin needs some context methinks: Part of a much larger installation called "Positivity", a collection of quotes I culled from folks who were HIV positive to allow for hope in a time of seeming hopelessness-

Would that we all had the ruby reds...

& we end the greatest hits (& misses) with the mackdaddy his own self, "Obama Said Knock You Out": quite a viral sensation, Tweeted out by none other than LL Cool J on election nite & becoming one of the biggest retweets of the evening (what the kids would call "viral"?) as well as in physical poster form traversing its way from New York to Cali & from Mexico to Japan & many points in between... 
Probably my real fave of all, not just 'cause of the hype (don't believe it, man!), but I feel it is truly the most successful piece I've done, artistically, technically, philosophically, politically, & spiritually~

Pure GOAT!

Next episode: 
Deep Cuts: the B-Sides, Rarites & Outtakes, 
then on to the new grooves!

21 March 2017


Can't believe I never posted this, but it's been ten years since I had the extraordinary honor of being named a Fulbright Scholar & traveling to Japan as a guest of the Japanese government. To share my experiences I created a series of paintings collectively titled "Windows on Japan". 
You can クリック to see the whole series, but here is a small sampling~ 

Samurai Firemen

Neon Wonderland (Tokyo by nite)

Asakusa Kannon (Buddha)


Window on Japan 1
kids are kids

14 February 2017

Valentine's Day throwback for y'all...

Okay, kids, although I am now oh-so-happily married to an incredibly beautiful woman (hey, babygirl!), I was once a miserable lonely bastard who hated Valentine's Day with a passion. I still refuse to celebrate it as it is indeed a corporate maunfactured buncha' malarkey (still love u, crazygirl!), but now at least I'm not a grumpy assh*le all day. But for those of you who still are (& I support you wholeheartedly!), here's your very righteous justification, straight from my 20-some-odd-years-ago collegiate misanthropic self...
The True History of Valentine's Day by Robt Seda-Schreiber
click to embiggen...

28 January 2017