25 December 2016

Merry Princemas, everyone...

& to all a funky nite.
Oh, & by the way, not to be frontin', that is not our tree. 
We actually forewent a tree this year & I did this instead fer my lovely bride:

19 December 2016

Vonnegut Kindness for the Holidaze...

It's not a snowflake...
Please feel free to save, send, print, & otherwise share in any way you'd like in the spirit of the season as it were...
You can peep even more holiday frivolity of season's past by clickin' here 

13 November 2016

Kenneth Cole sez I'm a Courageous Cat!

Well, this was an unexpected surprise & indeed a delightful way to start my weekend~

Kenneth Cole, beautiful clothing designer & more importantly, strong social activist, just celebrated a few folks whom he thought were making important & special contributions to the field of education in his COURAGEOUS CLASS SPOTLIGHT.

 Proud to say I was one of those he chose to honor
in this extraordinary campaign.
Courageous Cat indeed!

Please do not feel obliged but if so inclined...

The original Courageous Cat

12 November 2016

Double-shot to go low & then go high...

We have lots of work to do.
Here's two tunes to start us off-
one for wallowin'; the next to pick up, dust off & 
move it forward...

Nina has "Trouble in Mind" (as we all do right about now...)

Lizzo then sez "Walk yer fine ass out the door!" (or as my lovely bride thinks, "Walk yer fat ass..." which I think is delightful indeed.)

Nina is troubled.Lizzo Feels Good.

Hope these at least help you get through the day...

20 September 2016

Brian Ferry, singer of songs & checker of scarfs.

A gift for the fair Kate upon the occasion of her 50th.

Brian Ferry, singer of songs & checker of scarfs.
Quick story~
Brian Ferry, of Roxy Music fame & the man to whose voice many of us of a certain age lost our virginity, walked into the SFMoMA wherein Kate works & wanted to check his scarf.
I commemorated this momentous event in inky grandeur for my dear & wonderful friend.

04 April 2016

I once was blind, but now...

Colorblindness is really a misnomer; it is more akin to color-confused. Whereas your spectrum is quite vast & includes a veritable plethora of color, those of us who are genetically-deficient have a much smaller range & therefore colors get smashed up together, confused with others, & many unseen at all. 
I am colorblind, one of the most severe degrees of such. It is bothersome at times, disappointing at others, but as with any handicap (& I even hesitate to use that word as comparatively it is a non-issue), one learns to adjust & compensate for such. I also like the fact that I “inherited” from my Poppy, my mom’s dad, who left much too early in my life & sharing this genetic trait is at least something by which I can feel closer to him.
But being colorblind does affect me every day- the loss of a beautiful sunset, inability to decipher a traffic lite, seeing lots of green skin on folks I know are not Martians… unsure if I’m wearin’ a pink shirt. Being an artist (albeit one who predominantly works in black & white), an art teacher & just a lover of looking & seeing & really absorbing this wonderfully vibrant world around us makes it even more distressing at times.
This wonderful company EnChroma has changed all that with their incredible &, I dare say, inspiring sunglasses that promise “color for the colorblind”, & y’know what, they actually deliver on said promise in a big way.

Just back from Méjico where I sported these EnChroma Commander CX-14 sunglasses that profess (& do indeed deliver on that promise!) to allow the colorblind to see color. 
These are amazing, wonderful, & truly awe-inspiring & you can see my reaction to wearing them in the video...
(Lo siento for wind noise- tried to fix to no avail. 
Keep watching, it does improve later in video.)

& as an extry bonus, here is some comix I doodled way-back in college about bein’ colorblind… 
the greenest hair

14 January 2016

Vonnegut redux...

For the last two years, the wonderful charity Eden Autism Services has asked me to contribute a piece of art for their Gala Auction. The theme this year is "Some Kind of Wonderful: A Celebration of Extraordinary Lives."
I  thought to meself who was more extraordinary than Mr. Kurt Vonnegut...
Hope it garners them some big bucks indeed!
If so inclined, you can read more of my thoughts on Mr. Vonnegut here.
& next year, Eden folks, I want two tix to your glam event so I can bring my best girl!

07 January 2016

"Obama Said Knock You Out" 2: electric boogaloo

My piece from Obama's 2012 campaign, 
"Obama Said Knock You Out", 
gets a shout-out in this wonderful 
by Harvard associate, Adrienne Childs.