12 December 2013

Santa Claus vs. Gravity

 This year's holidaze missive, an oh-so-funny mashup of ol' St. Nick & one of this year's most visionary flicks.
Please feel free to save, send, print, & otherwise share in any way you'd like in the spirit of the season as it were...
Santa Claus vs. Gravity

26 April 2013

Moose & goose (a romance)

So I am quite often asked, both virtually & corporeally, to draw something for someone. Usually I politely demur, citing my current penchant for donating my art to charity or supporting political causes, but the chef in my school's cafeteria came to me in such a sweet & earnest manner, I could not resist slinging some ink his way. He told me a tale of his first anniversary with his lovely bride & how they call each other "moose & goose" & this just tumbled outta' me...
moose & goose

22 March 2013

Trenton Makes...

"...the prettiest girls."
For my lovely bride,
born & raised in our hardscrabble state capital.
A peek into process- pencils, inks & paints.
all the prettiest girls.
all the prettiest girls.

all the prettiest girls.

22 February 2013

Cougar said knock you out

The mascot of the school wherein I teach is a cougar. They asked me to create a design for a new tee-shirt to replace the clip-art they've been using for too many years. Voilà...
Coungar said knock you out
Now my oh-so-supportive son told me this was "cheap". I replied it was only cheap if I used the design again after this. He then made me promise not to do so.
Kids. I hate it when they keep you honest...