14 January 2016

Vonnegut redux...

For the last two years, the wonderful charity Eden Autism Services has asked me to contribute a piece of art for their Gala Auction. The theme this year is "Some Kind of Wonderful: A Celebration of Extraordinary Lives."
I  thought to meself who was more extraordinary than Mr. Kurt Vonnegut...
Hope it garners them some big bucks indeed!
If so inclined, you can read more of my thoughts on Mr. Vonnegut here.
& next year, Eden folks, I want two tix to your glam event so I can bring my best girl!

07 January 2016

"Obama Said Knock You Out" 2: electric boogaloo

My piece from Obama's 2012 campaign, 
"Obama Said Knock You Out", 
gets a shout-out in this wonderful 
by Harvard associate, Adrienne Childs.