14 September 2009

it's okay if only five folks read this blog if one of 'em is this guy...

When I post (like when I draw), I do so in a vacuum, in my studio, alone~ surrounded by my toys, my drawing table & my spinner rack of comix. I never know what the response will be to any given piece of work I produce, if it will be successful, or indeed if anybody will see/read it at all.
This blog has been fun thus far, still finding my way, finding my voice as it were. Sometimes I despair at the seemingly low number of folks who visit this dark crevice of the inter-webs; not that I don't cherish those who do. All the comments & e-mails I've received have been truly wonderful & have kept me sane, focused & indeed inspired.
But the following deserves special recognition~

"Very cool stuff!
I like what you did with the
wolves--the final version definitely works. I also like the self-portrait, with your (very well-drawn, btw) hands, projecting towards the reader.
But what I like MOST--is the way that you write!
You have a very direct, unpretentious, endearing--and ultimately, very cool--way of expressing yourself in words! Much FUN to read!
I'm only sorry that it took me this long to check out your blog, and find that out.
All the best to you--and thanks again, for the very nice compliments about my work. (But you're no chopped liver yourself, y'know!)
Take care-

That's Trevor Von Eeden.
Of whom I wrote here.
Whose craft, imagination & talent, both when I was growing up & to this day, imbues me with huge amounts of knowledge & pleasure ~ with his beautiful line-work, thought-provoking layouts, & totally original & utterly wonderful style.
Here's something I scanned from an old Batman annual I have on my spinner~
It's just Batman flicking on a light switch, but it shows that when Trevor Von Eeden drew anything, it wasn't ever just anything at all...

'nuff said.


Angie Thriller said...

Yeah, Von Eeden does rock & so do you for earning his praise.

loyal reader said...

Thanks for the intro to Von Eeden.

X-Y-Z-Cosmonaut said...

I'm a huge fan of Trevor Von Eeden and noticed the exact same attention to detail that you point out here. I first discovered this brilliant artist when he was working on "Adventure Comics Present: Dial H For Hero" in the early 80s. I have the comics (a fave of mine) right now with me (in actual physical "mint condition" form - not digital scans!) in which T.V.E did the art for a couple of superb back-up "Dial H" strips (#488 & #489). I just thought I'd mention it! :)