13 December 2009

12 days o' x-mas...

Okay, in all honesty, I am deliberating at this point whether to continue to boadcast these "very secret monster things" to the worldwide web. Now that "Design For Obama" has hit the stands, I'm not feeling it as much as I did. Perhaps that will change in the new year. But whilst I dither, I give you, my dear readers, a lil' present~
For the past twenty some odd years (& some have been very odd indeed!), I have created holiday cards for friends & family to celebrate the season. Although I waiver between atheism & agnosticism, my belief in this most wonderful time of the year & the spirit of giving & sharing therein has never been stronger.
My holiday scribblings started with a skankin' Santa, rockin' to the holiday groove (replete with "Fishbone" tattoo), & have continued unabated up until this year's oh-so-topical health care entreaty. The cards have ranged from personal to political to downright ridiculous (I will spare you "Zombie Claus"!), & during the next twelve days, I will share with you some of my favorites (complete with whatever necessary context) starting with this year's ink-stained holiday greeting.
Please feel free to save, send, print, & otherwise share in any way you'd like in the spirit of the season as it were...

Comments are appreciated & well within the nature of the season, don'tcha' think?

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