27 October 2012

"Obama Said Knock You Out" in the wild pt. 39 (Philly 2: Electric Boogaloo)

The first two pieces in this bunch are some of my favorites. I met this gentleman as I plasterin' the town & we had a delightful repartee. He was reluctant to let me use the box as he claimed ownership of the space, but quickly relented when I offered to rent it. He did offer though that Obama was "going down". A good time was had by all. 
When I returned home, I found that an excellent photographer who goes by the handle Digital Witness had captured the moment perfectly. 
A wonderful surprise indeed! Da' Mayor of South St. approvesRentin' box space on South St.
Kimmel sez knock you out

Please do send in any pix of the piece that you find in the wild, or better yet- please, please do put some up & send me the photos. I will post any & all that I receive.
Let's make this a worldwide jam!
I, & your President, thank you for your service...

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Anonymous said...

Love the street performer story