22 April 2009

& so it begins...

I have resisted (with a vengeance!) disseminating my thoughts, words, images & assorted other ephemera out into this here blogosphere for many a moon, but an opportunity has arisen that I cannot deny.
It seems, for some foolhardy reason I cannot discern, some of my artwork is going to published in a real-live book, & in this book, I will have the chance to promote a website that good folks can visit to see even more of my ramblings & shenanigans should they so wish.
So I figgered I'd better start one up...
(& herein lies the resulting madness)

Last year in support of President Obama (still love writing that!) I created two artworks that were part of the DesignForObama website. I am very proud & indeed honored to report that both of those pieces are going to be featured in a book about the site that is going to be published in the fall to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our wonderful victory.
It gets better: The book is going to be edited by the site's creator, Aaron Perry-Zucker, & Mr. Spike Lee (yes, that Spike Lee~ Fight The Power, baby!) & published by Taschen Books (ooh, fancy!).

So, for my first-ever post, here are the two pieces that will soon make me world famous, or at least seen by the moms & dads of the other folks who are in the book with me:

"Man of Hope"

"Baby Got Hope"

More inanity to come...


Sam.Reyes.17 said...

i read your blog.
It was a great post.
have a visit on my blog too.
please, continue posting.

anne sailer said...

Incredibly exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll join the artists' moms and dads and get a copy of that glorious, monkeyboy-inclusive book myself. It's about time we see your work published again...