08 May 2009

friday night fights!

Waycool website http://www.spacebooger.com/ holds Friday Night Fights aka "One Panel of Pain", a competition for bloggers to get their geek on & post some comix art that satisfies the aforementioned criteria, simply enough being one colorful box of graphic hurt~

The above was drawn by the late & great Seth Fisher, who deserves & will get his own post in the very near future, but for the time being enjoy the wonderful insanity of giant robot Otetsukun, as his innards are controlled by the Thing & his mouth encases the Human Torch (hence the fire-breath), & as he brings the pain to Eerok, the monstous ape, & Giganto, the anthropomorphic whale. This thing of beauty appears with many, many other equally eye-pleasing objets d'art in "Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan" #2, by Zeb Wells & Mr. Fisher, & also collected as a trade paperback which should be owned by every comix-, art-, Japan-, giant monkey-loving person everywhere...

Enjoy the genius & please vote for my contender in the comic book brawl of all brawls!

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