13 May 2009

you'd Grimace too if you had two of your arms forcibly removed...

I am & never was much of a fan of "fast food", but gosh do I enjoy a good mascot, especially when they have some hint of secret derangement.
Corporate amputation is a dastardly act & something that now joins the long list of McDonald's evil-doings- right up there with the destruction of the rain forests, feeding secretly-lard-laden french fries to vegetarians & making America morbidly obese.
For those of you of a certain age, you may have faint recollections of Grimace, really the only interesting denizen of McDonald-Land, running around with more arms than he seems to have now. Although you are getting older & your memory is surely showing signs of deterioration, this image you hold dear from your childhood of the furry purple one running around with four arms a'flailing is not wrong, although you wouldn't know it by seeing this jolly simpleton who now galumphs around with Mayor McCheese & his fascist cohorts!
Grimace did indeed have more appendages & even further, once upon a time, he/it was an evil monster who ran around stealing shakes & committing other horrible acts that one can only commit when one has four or more arms (the more, the merrier indeed!). But upon threat of lawsuit from Sid & Marty Krofft (who had every right to sue because indeed McDonald's had stolen their McDonald characters part & parcel from the brothers Krofft), they strapped the big monster down & tore off two of his arms. They must have also lobotomized the beast, which would account for the docility & simplicity he now displays. To add insult to literal injury, McDonald's taunted Grimace further by making tasty cookies that effigized his newly-deformed form.

I also remember Snuffleupagus having multiple legs, but that seems to be a simple flight of fancy on my part...

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cyn said...

A lovely trip down memory lane.