08 March 2011

Colbert Portrait: "It Takes A Village, People!"

Stephen Colbert, an old friend of this blog (read: named in a lawsuit by yours truly) & host of my ten year old son's favorite show, "The Colbert Report", announced an art contest of sorts wherein he challenged artists to reinterpret his portrait. My lovely bride & our equally wonderful son encouraged (read: forced) me to contribute a piece which after doing was very glad to have done. Alas & alack, there has been utterly no response from the Colbert camp. He has since only changed the portrait once (duck feet? really?!) & seems to have lost interest in the whole shebang. To add insult to injury, the website just updated the online gallery a hundred-fold & my piece is artis non grata. sigh.
So I thought I'd at least post it here so the ten of you who may still read this thing might see it.
The title is, of course,
"It Takes A Village, People!"
(mebbe the intern who reads the e-mails at the show doesn't know who the Village People are?!)
Gosh, comments sure would be appreciated...


Erin said...

The American flag belt buckle really makes the piece. :)

macha said...

Better than any of the pieces chosen for the Colbert site.