02 December 2011

The Line it is Drawn

Hey kids-
Over at "Comic Book Resources", a wonderful (& heavily trafficked) website about comix & such, you can see this here piece~
It's part of a competition those cats are running to find a permanent artist for that gig. The theme was to "superfy (I prefer "superfly") a celebrity. If you like the piece, please feel free to visit the site & comment, but only if when checking out the rest of the work, you truly feel it's one of the best posted (natch). (I say this only because a few other artists are stuffing the ballot box as it were with comments from friends & family, & I really wanna win this thang fair & square if at all possible.)
I'll be doing another piece on Thursday & will post then as well, which is I believe when the voting starts in earnest, so please do check back, true believers!

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