09 December 2011

Vote for my art (only if you think it worthy...)

Hey kids-
There is an online art competition of which I am a part.
It's on a very well-trafficked comix website called "Comic Book Resources" & the entry that gets the most votes gets a permanent slot in their weekly roundtable of artists (& hence some nice exposure for their work).
As much as I'd like the work to stand on its own merits (I think it's pretty good piece), there is a whole lot of social networking going on & folks are calling out their troops as it were.
So I'd like to ask you all to take a look at my drawing (at the first link) & if (& only if ) you feel it's one of the strongest of the bunch, please vote at the poll at the second link.

Thanks for your support...
Here's the piece~
& go here to see it @ the site itself:

& then you vote here (my name is about two thirds the way down; please also consider voting for one or two other artists you may enjoy as well):

Thanks again good internet folks.

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Erin said...

Done! Glad to help.