03 August 2009

& it was still warm.

"Where The Wild Things Are" was my favorite book when I was a kid (mayhaps it still is) & it was my boy's as well. Now the ultra-talented mad genius Spike Jonze is finally releasing his celluloid version this fall. My thoughts on this have been mixed- the delays & troubles certainly didn't assuage any fears. Adding so much back story may ruin its simplicity or it may be bloody brilliant; I'll give Mr. Jonze the benefit of the doubt for now, especially given the wonderfully beautiful & perfectly odd trailer that is makin' the rounds on the tubes of the Internet as well as in those archaic monstrosities known as movie theatres. You can easily find that elsewhere so here is a the cover to the Japanese version that I was lucky enough to score whilst in country
& a refix of the Arcade Fire song as close to the version of the tune as heard in the trailer.

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the movie but hope that Jonze has used the Sendak family's names as the author indicated he drew the monsters with his relatives as inpiration. Our favorite is Moisha.