10 August 2009

trece años eróticos maravillosos hermosos

Thirteen years ago today I watched my girl walk down the grassy aisle, more stunning than the sunlight itself that was streaming through her hair.
She has only gotten more beautiful, more interesting, & far more sexy since then...

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cyn said...

I've spent a third of my life with you but it is not enough. I wish desperately that I could have started out with you on my side because life has never been so wonderful. You saved me. You saved my life literally, in Central Park, you in a shark-skin suit and me in a black gown, nearly vanquished by a mere cherry pit. Yet, you know that I'm not talking about that small anecdote in our life together. You gave me a world full of surprise, art and music, political debates, laughter, steam and sweat, and family. We have one spitting, screaming man chasing after a car full of drunken men out of a Jersey dinner, on foot, demanding an apology for their rude behavior toward his wife now, kinda love. You saved me by teaching me happiness.
I love our life but adore you forever. Te adoro parasiempre.