17 August 2009

Some of its parts

A mash-up is a curious thing. As I've stated before, most of them are pretty bad, whether ill-conceived from the start, or simply a case of a good idea (e.g., interesting tracks that would seem to fit) not assembled with the right skill, panache, &/or funk. Finding a really great boot is a rarity indeed; I think the mathematical equation (call this the "very secret monster things mash theorem", if you will) is about 37:1, as in I sift through 37 painful Frankenstein's monsters before I find one made by a true Dr. Funkenstein. I do this work not just for me but for you, my dear readers...
Even more rarely, though, a great DJ will take tracks that ya' don't dig & create a wholly new piece that rocks yer world. The always-reliable DJ Clivester pulls this seemingly-impossible task off more often than not.
Here's a great example~ A mash-up containing a buncha' songs that don't tickle my fancy at all, interspersed with one track I dig the most (guess which one), creating a stitched together masterwork that makes you want to scream from your castle against the thunder & lightning
as the square villagers approach, with their torches & pitchforks (& appalling lack of funk), "It's alive! It's alive!"
contains fleshy parts from the following~
Moby - Extreme Ways
Chemical Brothers - Galvanize
Katy Perry - U R So Gay
Beenie Man - Dancehall Queen
Beyonce - Single Ladies


smiling doll said...

great sifting.

Mr. Pink said...

I hope the song you like is either the Moby or The Chemcal Bros. (& whichever of those you don't like, you should give another chance because they're both golden), because the rest of the songs are shite, but you are right, this Dj has made up a great mash from some pretty foul stuff.
Thanks for the find!

Mashup Industries said...

Hey bro!

From time to time I google the names of my tracks to see how they are received and so I stumbled upon your blog...

Just wanted to say thank you for the feature and kind words!

Clive aka Clivester ;-)

Robt Seda-Schreiber said...

Wow, it's an honor, sir.
Your mashes are epic & I'm thrilled you came around here for a visit...